About Murph

Dear reader,

Up until this point I haven't expressed much enthusiasm about unveiling my entire life story over the internet. However, spreading the word about the greatness of food (and myself) is an opportunity that I couldn't pass up, especially one that involved such a dear life-long friend who shares an equal appreciation for the grub that fuels us.

That being said, I'll first share a bit about Kelsey and I. Our parents met in Chicago before they had kids, got serious jobs, picket fences and two door garages. Eric and John, our dads, shared an extreme love for good food from day one, working together as caterers and in various fish stores. They have passed the long-standing tradition on to us. Although I grew up in Victoria, British Columbia and she in Seattle, Washington, Kelsey and I have seen each other once a year since day one (missing of course a few here and there), and each time involved some sort of massive family celebration focused on the brilliant meal we were creating together. Time has passed and the passion for good food continues. So here we find ourselves reunited on the internet, but she in Mankato, Minnesota and I in Montréal, Québec.

As for me personally, I am in pursuit of various activities that will hopefully lead to excellence. I am passionate about languages and spend a good deal of my time going to school and perfecting my French so I'll be able to translate. (Though I don't speak it currently, a year long trip to Latin America is in the cards to learn Spanish.) Then, we have my long-standing passion for music. I'm taking singing lessons and practice, or try to, every day. I accompany myself on the guitar and various original songs have been recorded, but for the moment I am focusing on getting more resonance and volume of sound for less effort. This is surprisingly difficult. Of course I have to eat every day, so I spend all my free time thinking about what I'll cook next and where I'll buy my ingredients. Even when I get extremely stressed out, which is a common occurence due to the intensity with which I lead my life, I at least try to eat things that are simple and bring a great amount of joy, like peanut butter on toast with a cup of coffee, or baked beans mopped up with cornbread. Those who know me are up to date on the fact that without exercise I'd be a bunch of pulp. Currently, it's an on-off schedule of running and yoga: a brilliant combination. But soon spring will be here and it'll be tennis in the park every day.

It's great to be doing business with you Kelse.

Here's to food! Here's to me and you! Here's to life! Let's eat!

- Chef Murph