Let me be the first to aknowledge the following:

1. I do not need to diet for health reasons. It is pure vanity. I want to be able to wear the jeans I wore before I got a desk job.

2. I loath exercise. It is absolutly the last thing on my list to do, and if I have time to bake or take a walk, I will bake.

That being said, I am trying to lose a little weight (goodbye pastry). My partner, who can slim down to his nice trim mesomorph form after a month of pure gluttony in about, oh five minutes, has committed to dieting with me. He also is endeared to exercise and bio mechanics in a way that should be outlawed, so he is equally helpful and exasperating in this endeavor.

So what's on the diet you ask?
6 days a week we stick to beans, proteins, vegetables - and try to avoid foods that convert quickly into sugar (refined starches, milk, fruit, etc.) Do I cheat? Yes. Often? No. Stopgaps for me are a decaffeinated chocolate hazelnut tea (unsweetened of course), natural peanut butter, almonds and hard salami.We're getting creative with lentils, soups, and curry.

In addition - there is a big planned break on Saturday. On Saturday, everything is fair game. Without this opportunity to go a little pastry crazy, I probably couldn't stick to it.

We've been at it three weeks now and I've lost five-plus pounds. So I sojourn on. I think in time we can evolve into a gluten free diet, so I'm looking forward to meals of rice and buckwheat noodles.

Here's to making mindful adjustments and seeing where they lead us.

Dhal for lunch.