I know you thought I was dead.

When really I was anything but. In the past eight months I've moved home, started two jobs, re-navigated the waters (both figuratively and literally) of the mass transit system and generally been deliriously happy to make a life in my native northwest. I teach at community college, I enter data for farmers, and I find time to cook and sleep in between. Today, I felt the irresistable urge to post on my lunch break. So here are some highlights:

1. I love this recipe. It brought me to buy a mandolin. I am still actively seeking excellent frozen puff pastry.

2. Matt collected wild blackberries this summer while job hunting. We made runny blackberry jam that people compliment even though they don't have too.

3. The cheese plate here is something I think about before falling asleep at night.

4. I've had this book on my shelf for years, and only recently really dived into it. I stand by the soups first and foremost. And the Teff peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. In fact, I've become such a devotee, I bought the second.

5. I made Matt and his mom wait for over an hour to eat here. Canadian hipster. The only things that might come close to waiting an hour for are the Shao Bing and a whiskey/ginger fizz business that was by far the best thing I ate/drank all night.

That is all for now. Back to farmer support. XXOO.