Crumbs #1

A few notes from Eeyore:

Yesterday I made 8 servings of lentil soup and 2 servings of rice noodles with peanut sauce in an hour and a half, all in an effort to procrastinate a paper about the gendering of mathematics. Soon to come, recipes for said dishes. They are staples in our house and in procrastination.

Today, I bought corn muffins in the student union to accompany my lentil soup lunch and dinner. They were too sweet. My bets are on high fructose corn syrup or sweetened condensed milk. Either way, unsatisfying.

I also bought a $1.00 bag of cheez-its. I ate all 2.5 servings hoping they would cut my congestion with their salty love. They didn't.

And it's only Tuesday. There is ice cream in the freezer and bread to be made tomorrow, so I suppose things are looking up.

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