Crumbs 2

I just showered for the first time in 4 days and I've eaten Domino's pizza for my last three meals. Once fresh, twice as leftover. I would do just about anything for a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie or a salad with a summer vinaigrette.

We do not have a single clean dish, with the exception of pickling jars - which are serving quite nicely as glasses and receptacles for dirty silverware. I am currently still in my pajama pants. They are holiday themed. I am beginning to wonder why I didn't pursue a nice job as an office assistant like most of the capable people I graduated with.

Clothes, books, and plates adorn every surface of our home and yesterday I accidentally burned a ring into our landlord's Persian rug with a hot pot of popcorn - who knew carpet melted? Apparently the world minus Maki. Matt was unamused, but sympathetic to this event.

One day and 1/2 a paper to go, then summer, cleaning, and I pray to the good Lord, inexpensive vegetables.

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  1. Miss K!

    I just arrived home in Victoria for a whirlwind vacation of 5 days. I moved, and therefore have neglected the blog, especially since I didn't have internet access in my room, so I couldn't hook up the computer. There are photos and many entries to come.

    And now I'm cooking for one which is sad, cause I miss Libby, but good things will come out of it.

    Victoria is fertile and sweet. I have missed it so much and one day I will come back. For now, it's a culinary and musical and linguistical adventure in montreal. Why would we ever choose to do something easy? Life would be so boring.

    Keep on rocking it over there! You're terrific and hilarious. Keep writing too.

    lots of sleepy morning love,



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