Eating breakfast in the Vancouver Airport

I will excuse my absence with a move to a new apartment, a trip home to Victoria and general mental chaos.

I just spent 5 glorious days in Victoria, B.C, otherwise known as "the homeland". The only activities I participated in were cooking, eating, coffee drinking, café hopping and laughing with deliriously good friends and family (upcoming posts will document these experiences in more detail). I exercised of course...

I forgot my camera in my suitcase, so I am unable to simply show you a picture, but I want to share the blissful moment I had in the Vancouver Airport at 6 AM while waiting for my flight home to Montreal.

I got up at 3:45 to fly out of Victoria at 5:30, and by the time I reached Vancouver I was very hungry and quite foggy headed. So I got in line at Starbucks, something I never do, primarily because I don't drink a lot of coffee and then there's the usual political concern about drinking fair-trade etc, anyways, I thrust out my 16 oz travel mug, paid $1.63, and walked away with a very strong cup of steaming coffee. It was delicious! I'm not sure why I was so surprised, but I was. Then I sat down beside a huge window with a view of the Coastal mountains and took out the spelt-cornmeal biscuits that dad made the night before upon my request. I had packed little Tupperware containers filled with peanut butter and Katherine's peach jam, and I carefully spread these condiments generously onto the biscuits with a spoon. Then I took a sip of coffee, peeled my hard-boiled egg, bit in, took a mouthful of biscuit, took another sip of coffee and grinned gleefully to myself; what a meal! especially considering the extreme fatigue of the situation and the sadness about leaving home. Then I read the rest of Molly Wizenburg's A Homemade Life with my brain buzzing blissfully from the coffee and the good read!

I guess these days we're always flying to and from the various corners of the planet. It's rather normal, but I find constant change unbearably difficult. However, good food is a constant, and I live to create and feast upon its deliciousness. So as long as I have some special treats and take time to prepare some special eats, I'll be fine.

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