I've found a new role model.

Please note, I also have some things to say about asparagus. Thank GOD for Spring, eh? But until then...

In eighth grade a much beloved English teacher left part way through the year to pursue a new job. She was replaced by a young teacher, with a hyphenated name and a short, practical haircut. My class was unimpressed. We found distaste for her simply because she was NOT what we knew.

This new English teacher, in retrospect, was very good at what she did. I remember reading Farenheit 451 with her, a book I continue to reflect on even as an adult. I worked as a teacher's assistant for her, and at the end of the year she brought me a rose. She gave us a handout on citing sources that I used into college, and she took the public bus, in rainy Seattle weather, while weighed down by adolescent essays. I admired this about her, and appreciate that she endured my class despite our general unwillingness to like her.

I share this with you because I just learned that this English teacher's husband, is in fact, a rock star.

Or at least a rock star, in my terms. He is a stay at home dad/food writer. And in the infinite wisdom of Tina Fey, I want to go to there. Or rather, I want to be that there.

Matthew Amster-Burton recently published a book about "raising an adventurous eater." You can see why this appeals to me - as I too, was raised by a food inclined father that insisted I try the sea scallop even though I thought it looked like a dirty piece of soap. As a growned up (no that was not a typo), I desire nothing more then to have babies, cook, and write. Just yesterday I asked my fella if he thought he could make enough money to support me staying at home, cooking, writing, and taking in the occasionally post-noon cocktail. His only reply was to chuckle, as he wants to be an educator. But hey, if the Amster-Burton's can do it, so can the Maki-Denton's.

Needless to say, I am inspired by this ghost of English past and the partnership and work of her husband. Maybe if Jude's and I keep the blog up for five years we too will have, babies, lovers, good taste, & a book deal.

Read Matthew Amster-Burton's Blog Roots & Grubs
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  1. The cycle of things is fascinating. This Matthew Amster-Burton just went to a pizza place in Arizona with Brandon Pettit who is Molly Wizenburg's husband. Now, Molly write Orangette, as you may know, and I've been reading the entire thing, plus her book, from start to finish for the past three weeks. Also curious that this man has ingeniously combined being a parent, loving being a parent with food and loving caring for his daughter. Brilliant.

    I have stumbled upon it several times, but didn't pick up immediately on reading it. What I love is that he's really really good with words, it's quick, and tight and interesting. He also has no pictures, which is very inspiring as I've been wondering what is the huge importance of pictures anyways. Obviously there is an importance, but it's just nice to know it's not all about the photos. They help, clearly.

    All I want to do is cook, write about food, sing and have babies. I really do. First though, finding a man would be a good step and I suppose I'll continue working at the outdoor clothing store and studying translation. Maybe in the fall I can work in a more food oriented environment.

    Here some love to you and the mister!



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