The Splendid Table : how to inundate yourself 24/7 with foodie information

It never stops. I think about it all the time. Food that is. And since I discovered The Splendid Table podcast, now I can listen (!) to a food related and inspired program while I walk around and do my grocery shopping, like I did today. How terrific!

The Splendid Table is a Saturday morning program on American Public Media, one of the largest producers of radio broadcasting in the United States. Tune in to listen to Lynne Rossetto Kasper's smooth voice talk with Michael and Bonnie Stern, food-writers for Gourmet magazine about their "Where we eat" column, a road-trip guide to the best eats in the US. Then there are the varying featured cookbooks and their authors, wine experts and the gastrosexual competition, the weekly trivia question, and the warmly welcomed callers with their ideas, questions and cultural inspiration. Featured as well on the website are recipes for those discussed on the program, links to music played on the show and a recipe bank called Splendid Cheap Eats. You can subscribe to the podcast through itunes or listen to it live on-line. It's certainly become the new best-friend of this solitary foodie (sob).

I finished my grocery shopping and went home, the program not quite finished, so I continued to listen to it while I spread fresh ground peanut butter and my sister's peach jam onto fresh spelt bread.

I munched on a few strawberries and had a salad with cherry tomatoes, ricotta cheese with a bit of lime and olive oil drizzled on top.

Fairly delicious I'd say.

Lynne Rosseto Kasper, you rule! I'm so glad to know you exist. And I hope some of you, dear readers, can tune in and hear what she has to say.


  1. OK -I am glad you enjoy the splendid table. But I am not a fan. I think it's a tad too pretentious.

    Let's agree to disagree and go get pie.


  2. It is pretentious. And I am a lonely elistest (sometimes).

    Really, I'd rather have pie with you any day. It's weird too, when one spends a lot of time alone, you get lost in a vortex of possibly great things, one where you have no one to bounce off of. It's bizarre. Yes I have a roommate and she's...well...

    Oh me! Let's have pie! I have two slices left in the freezer. So come on over, I'll make some tea.

    miss j


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