I've Fallen. Hard.

In Brookings, SD this weekend I ran across a STUNNING collection of antique pyrex. Now, I think it says a lot about me that given the infinite number of items available in antique shops the thing that brings me to my knees is the pyrex.

I've always had an affinity for pyrex. All my favorite dishes were made in pyrez- nachos, baked apples, coffee cakes, casseroles, pies, and to this day I always scour the shelves of second hand shops hoping to find some fabulous pyrex piece that has long since been forgotten. Also, pyrex is pretty much indestructible and serves nicely as both a container and a cookware. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT PEOPLE? Oh what? What's that? It also happens that vintage pyrex comes in amazing colors and graphic patterns? Lord, help me. Does anyone NOT want a "Friendship" collection? Please. (Side note: There is something very Finny about these patterns - compare to Marimekko).

Although I drooled, quite literally, over many many refrigerator dishes, I only ended up buying a butter dish, because I knew Matt wouldn't slaughter me for that purchase. (In case you are wondering it is the snowflake blue pattern, and I heart it, like woah).

Needless to say, much like the Murphy mom, I think I've found an obsession in kitchen/porcelain accessories. Sal, keep your eyes peeled on Ebay for me.

- Makifish


  1. Terrific post friend. I always always teased my mom about her obsession with dishes. Unfortunately (or maybe very fortunately) she's passed it on to me, and I'm horribly faithful to brightly coloured enamel cast iron and stoneware. IT DOES MATTER! what we eat off of, cook in. If it's gorgeous, it's that much cooler, and more fun. Not at all to say that we can't make do without, but shoot fire! I've got the esthetic bug in me like there's nothing else. And I always pretend I don't, but then every day I kind of ponder over what bowl I'd like to have my cereal in....


  2. If you ever live in a kitchen with tile counter tops. DO NOT TAKE EMPTY HOT PYREX PANS OUT OF THE OVEN AND PUT THEM ON YOUR COUNTER. as my whole family has learned pyrex explodes like nothing else I've ever seen.
    Agreed about the awsomeness of pyrex I must admit. Pyrex bread pans? Definitly the best.

  3. It's a little known secret, but you can put pyrex on the cook flame. I make the Joy of Cooking rice pilaf recipe in it, which calls for sautéing mirepoix and the rice before adding stock. Why dirty up a saute pan in this instance? Just pop the pyrex over the flame, add butter, cook those veggies, warm up that rice, add the stock and put the whole covered shooting match directly in the oven and voila...a one dish wonder.

    That is awesome.

    Some day when my wedding bells ring please register me for a full line of Pyrex.


  5. I think your dad is actually talking about Corningware on the flame, not Pyrex. I know they are similar, but also different. I don't want you to explode a favorite Pyrex piece on the cooktop.


  6. Mom - way to come to the rescue.

    I have a little corningware piece that Matt stole from his crazy landlords in Texas. AND I just recently unwittingly bought a corningware vinegar carafe (I have no idea what those are actually called) in the same pattern.

    I'll be careful though - no matter what I put on the stove.


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