Cold Turkey.

Matt and I are currently without in-home internet, which is drawing to light the depth of our addiction to said modern convenience.

Thus, my post will be brief as I am trying to squeeze it into my morning hour at the library.

In the last week:
12 jars of dilly beans
12 jars of dill pickles
2 jars of zucchini with mint in oil
2 jars of onions with bay leaves in oil
2 jars of olive oil pickles with fennel
2 jars of fennel in oil (which I may have tragically ruined by forgetting to boil the fennel in brine first - DAMN).
1 jar of carrots (for Sissy, should I decide to decieve the postal system and mail something not only breakable but also perishable).

In other news:
1 dutch baby made with dehydrated milk (decent).
1 pan of brownies (to which Matt said, "These aren't as good as last time, what did you do differently?" which is what he says every time. Contrary to popular belief, Matt is 25, not 5.)
Many ears of corn
1 more round of everyone's favorite cole slaw.
1 loaf of flavorless Foccacia bread (too impatient).

Yet to come:
Biscuits for the freezer
Zucchini bread
Tzaziki (I hope).


  1. looks like katherine has some serious competition for the domestic goddess status. i've always wished i was more like that. maybe in the years to come. right's all about apartment hunting.....applesauce though. you can bet i'll make some of that.

  2. My jealousy is boundless. All I do at work all day long is talk about all of the processing projects I want to accomplish. But sadly I only have 2 days off a week and there is only so much you can do. I am lagging sadly behind, although I did do 15 jars of dilled beans and am working on 4 apple pies for the freezer today. Pickles to come on Sunday and fruit in the freezer when there is time to stock up on jam.

  3. One of the most important things is to remember what we are doing. I don't have a single jar of pickles in my cupboard. You both have many.....

    But we're doing alright, us ladies.

    Eh little bit! You're terrific. I missed making pie with you this afternoon. But I have an apartment. Terrific.


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