Done like a Finn.

Last night I wandered around our local ghetto grocery store for about an hour trying to decide what treat I wanted. For a while I had both Cheez-its and Frosted Circus Animal cookies in my basket. But the guilt of spending money on treats + the guilt of missing my swim twice last week caused me to put both back, and leave the store with lemons, half & half, and salted butter.

When I got home I made my self a cup of cocoa to kick the chocolate craving and set to work on a Finn cake, Omena Sokerikakku, which literally translates to Apple Sugar Cake. I'd been thinking about Finnish apple pastry because apples are just popping on Minnesota at the moment. Next week will be the arrival of the coveted "Honeycrisp."I came home with a big bag of apple "seconds" from a vendor and knew that at least a few were going to meet a very Finny end.

My Grandma Pat used to make an apple Finn pastry when sis and I would visit in the summers. It had sliced apples lined the bottom of a 9x12 pan and then the top was covered in dough. I remember really loving it, and sitting on a tall stool to help make it.

It was my hope that Omena Sokerikakku would come out similar to this, but it didn't. In fact I over cooked it so badly I am not even going to share the recipe. But the process of making it, whisking the butter and sugar until light, slicing and arranging the apples, was more satiating then any Frosted Circus Animal cookie could have been.

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  1. this is why i love food so much, because it's those moments when we're wandering around that it can ground us back to earth again. who needs sweetly covered crackers anyways! (they're delicious on the road I suppose...)

    it sounds also like a tarte tatin! i've been wanting to make something like this forever.

    your writing reads great by the way.


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