Dear eaters,

I am throwing a party on Friday, in which I will provide my guests with an antipasto plate (consisting mostly of pickles, you're shocked I know), and then copious amounts of pasta which can be dressed in homemade pesto, Alfredo, and/or Bolognese. (Do we need a traditional tomato? I don't think so...thoughts?)

I would like to serve dessert, but have not hit on a good idea yet. I don't want to over extend myself I am looking for something perhaps along the trifle line, but I feel like tiramisue might be a bit much.

In addition I would like to incorporate a pear-ginger syrup I made earlier this summer. My thoughts are perhaps to make an almond cake and that douse it in the syrup and serve it with cream. But I would like input.

Faithfully yours,


  1. It would not use your fabulous-sounding syrup, but here's a classic Marcella Hazan recipe that is trifle-like: Diplomatico

  2. Miss Wizenberg has a gateau au chocolat fondant that is simply to DIE FOR and EASY TO MAKE and will impress a crowd, especially if you dump your syrup on top and dollop on a bit of whipped cream.

    I like the almond cake idea however, a lot....

    And Laurie's recipe did look rather delicious.

    I just made gingerbread from the Joy of Cooking which was delicious and I enjoyed it all week as it ages well. It's very simple to make and while eating it I said, man, this needs a little something on top, but jam wasn't going to do the trick. A syrup? Oh yeah. Too much ginger with the cake and syrup? I dunno? But it was damn good.

    More from me soon.


  3. Laurie -

    My mom talked me into the Tiramisu. Mostly because she promised Nutella would be fine and that I did not need to track down hazelnut puree. I did however use pound cake, as does Diplomatico, which is my to be next Italian dessert feat. Thanks for the inspiration!


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