When in doubt, add jam.

Oh my. The muffins did not turn out. I woke up optimistic, however a little fuzzy from lack of sleep and one or two many gin and tonics, but ready to give it my best shot. I knew the batter was too soupy! And I knew that because I didn't have the right amount of baking powder, something bad would happen. But because I've made some progress in the anxiety/worry department over the outcome of my cooking projects and life in general, I didn't really think much of it. I even wrote in a good morning email to Alix saying, oh yeah the muffins, the batter was way too soupy, but I'm sure it'll be fine. No, they're not fine, they're pretty awful. Because when you add more baking soda to compensate for the lack of baking powder, your muffins taste salty and like soda bread. If I wanted soda bread, I would've made some. And I am not an advocate of waste, but the pan on the left may not survive when I try and take the muffins out of the pan. So I've salvaged what I can, dumped a tablespoon of Katherine's apricot jam on top, made an incredibly strong cup of tea, and turned on the Beatles album Let It Be so the day has still managed to start with a bang.

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  1. I had this happen at work once because we were using a mix and I mis measured the milk (I think that statement probably totally sums up how I felt about this particular job), and well, nothing was salvageable. There was blueberry muffin explosion and goo all over the industrial oven, and cleaning out the tins I got it all over myself.

    I ended up making a new batch from scratch, which went over far better than the slop that I was assigned to make would have.

    So there. Face the day girl, you can always go it again tomorrow.


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