Slides of Chicago

Secondary only to networking in Chicago, was eating. The following are a brief excerpt of my dining exploits, which involved the lovely troupe of women with whom I traveled. They did not fully understand my zeal for meal planning (or food photography) but they played along.

1. Sally and I share a bacon burger at Epic Burger. Cops eat lunch here, I don't think there is a higher recommendation than that.
2. Baklava at the Artist's Cafe. A wonderful spot for people watching.
3. Bacon waffle with two eggs over easy at Yolk. We tried to go back on a Saturday and the wait was an hour (we passed, but weeped a little inside).
4. A Portillos polish. I walked for twenty minutes, after having a very strong drink, with a friend for this hot dog. We needed the hot dog (and the walk).
5. Scallop paella at Cafe Iberico. Sally ordered in Spanish and we drank Sangria while oggling the handsome waiter.

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