As I am sure you have noticed, faithful readers, I have been MIA. This is due to some fabulous traveling (and eating) that has occurred in the past few weeks. Expect a photo montage soon.

However, tonight I am home, back to the grind and on my own, so I decide to try for some homemade cream of broccoli soup as I am fresh off of In Defense of Food which encourages "mostly plants," and having lovingly par-boiled and frozen some vendor surplus broccoli this summer. I pull out the trusty How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman and set to work.

DISASTER. My soup is thin, tasteless (unless you count that awful overcooked broccoli taste as something worthy of note), and even worse - there is TONS OF IT. Currently I have nasty broccoli puree in three containers and one pot and am at a loss as to whether I should freeze it and at a later date try to resurrect the mess, or if I should just wash my hands of it and toss it.

Also, please note I blame only myself. Too much stock - too much broccoli, not enough starch. Mark Bittman, you're still my go to guy, your French bread and peanut butter pasta sustain me (don't tell Michael Pollan, he'll tell me to eat more vegetables.)

Anyhow, it looks as if I will be hitting the dishes with little spring in my step. At least I have Nutella to look froward too.


  1. What I can say is that I am NOT disappointed to see you back! I missed you friend, you just vanished!

    I have made disaster soups and unless the lifesaving technique is obvious... what to do usually is: toss the little bugger. You have since, I'm sure, found a solution.

    I guess we should start thinking about xmas adventures! I'll see you in about three weeks! That's a reason to whoop and dee and da.

  2. Oh yes oh yes! When are you guys going to be in town? there is going to need to be some K-Murph baking I think. And some Daddio action.

  3. We'll be there around the 27/28 I think. Our parents of course will be in touch. !!!! K-Murph baking: YES and you can bet the Dads will ioioio it up. I have a feeling this could be a monumental moment.

    I'm in between Virginia and flying home to Victoria! Spag sauce is in the oven. I'm sipping wine. Tired, me I am. Can't wait for the holidays.

  4. Oh Judes. Nothing is better than that familial lull between December and January. Can't wait to see you!


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