Mak and Murph Unite

Kelsey and I were reunited at last over the holidays. And what a wonderful time it was! Every Christmas since my family moved to Victoria, we have visited Kelsey's family in Seattle on our way home from visiting my dad's parents in Portland. This year was a repeat of many shared holiday eats between our two families that started in Chicago when our parents got hitched, met each other and became friends.

We went to Boom Noodle, located in the ever funky neighborhood of Capitol Hill, and ate memorable dishes such as edamame puree with sweet potato crisps, ahi tacos, and okonomiyaki (pork pancakes). We drank sake and tons of green tea while we talked, laughed and planned dinner for the next night. Although Kelsey missed out on this outing, the rest of us (our two families) really enjoyed it. Leaving the restaurant I announced, I'm going to move to Seattle! However, I say this about many places.

Katherine, me and Kelsey

The next morning we ate breakfast at Lola, one of our favourite restaurants in Seattle, owned by the infamous Tommy Douglas, the creator of the incredible Triple Coconut Cream Pie. Breakfast was, however, a light affair. After too much excessive holiday eating I only wanted granola with greek yogurt and fruit, and Kelsey, victim to similar excess, had a bran muffin (her favourite). Other members of the parade had delicacies such as lacinto kale scrambles and Greek omlettes. After lots of tea and coffee, we left the restaurant with a bounce in our step, ready to hit Pike Street Market and shop for dinner.

Well, to be honest, the dads and Katherine shopped for dinner. Sal (my mom) and Kathleen (Kelsey's mom) shopped for lamps, while Kelsey and I went to the Finnish store and had more coffee and tea with a cookie at Le Panier; we had a lot to catch up on you see.

The day progressed beautifully. After the market, some people went to the museum, others went home to bake cakes and take naps, and Kelsey and I went over the the University district to poke around in used record stores and second hand clothing shops. I found a pair of red high heels. Kelsey found a colourful knit dress. We had more tea. Then we went home to cook.

'Twas a seafood feast to remember!

Dungeness crab, deep fried razor clams and oysters on the half shell, complete with bread from Le Panier, butter and a salad. Katherine's cake followed.

This is a Dungeness crab before dad broke it in-half over a step-ladder, removed the lungs and guts, rinced it off and dumped it into a huge pot of boiling salty water for 10 minutes.

Kelsey learned how to shuck an oyster.

I used John's deep-fryer to deep-fry these razor clams. (For breading, Panko bread crumbs work the best.) They were succulent.

That's a big crab. Man! 100 reasons why living in the West is best.

The salad was delicious. My mom is the best lettuce-washer and dressing-maker around. Kelsey garnished it with oranges, pomegranate seeds, pistachios and feta cheese.

Katherine made a butter sponge cake with apricot glaze and toasted almonds on top.

A light, fluffy end to a protein-rich, buttery feast. Thank you Maki's for hoasting the party! I can't wait until next time.

The Dads: Eric and John


  1. Great memories. I miss you two already! Hope you're staying warm.

  2. Hello Judy! This is Ros. I'm just perusing your blog here in Baja California. the weather is damn fine and the waters are turquoise- my favorite colour. We have been on the road for about 15 day and it's just crazy how different things are. SO many landscapes to be seen. Last night we camped on the beach and had hot dogs. I fried up some onions and they wern't too shabby for a Colman stove operation. Although seeing as you are from long line of hotdog expertise- perhaps they were not so spectacular in comparison. Well, we have had a few adventures, but I guess the most hilarious/ horrific so far have been blowing through the Mexjican border and driving around the town before noticing we were in fact in Mexico... Had to drive back and do it again. And then the horrific. First day in Mexico went to go get a few tacos as you know we love so dearly. Unfortunaly on-route we ended up smoking a dog dead on the highway! it was totally nuts. Didn't really know what the thing to do was because it's Mexico and all, and the hound was a stray. So by the time we got turned around and back to it some man was on top of the situation. But Lordy did we feel like shit. Apparently it happens all the time! No problemo... Changes in latitudes changes in attitudes. Well got to say we miss you TONS. Especially on Wednesdays. To plant a seed- ben got into uvic law and it looks like we'll be hunkering down there for a few years. Thank god!

    Going to get a few pics on our painfully neglected blog soon as we find a real computer. And ok that note sorry for any nonsensical typos as my fingers seem to be too fat for the old I pod touch !

    Peace and love!



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