A New Friend, A New Year, Endless Possibilities.

Dear Judy & Faithful readership -

1. I think we have a new friend here. Let's read her and admire her pictures.

2. Birthday is March 11th. To celebrate I suggest we cook tarte tatin from The Best International Recipe. The last time I attempted tarte tatin was in the communal kitchen of my freshman dorm with two of the very best in terms of friends and foodies. We made do with little and spent hours creating puff pastry, rolling it out with an illicit wine bottle. The result though, was divine, if a little less than aesthetic. Roasting a chicken might not be a bad idea either.

3. I also suggest a blog face lift in honor of year two. Thoughts?

Love to all,


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  1. Yes, a new friend indeed. I love how YOU those photos are too - incredible.

    March 11! How did you know? Maybe you found a date some where in the depths of our blogger history. Let's make tarte tatin. I'll try and recruit some lovelies to make puff pastry with me. And to eat with!

    Face life - yessir. I think we should update our picture too (to the one taken in front of lola this winter? I posted it a while back). I love our font, however, and I like the white background....but maybe a new header? New colours?

    - jude


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