Well - I've been three weeks absent from our blog. You noticed, I'm sure.

But my excuse is excellent: I haven't cooked. Living at home means my Dad pretty much does everything, and with great panache. He still makes Risotto on a week night, he still does daily European style runs to the grocery store, and he still cooks for a brood of 20 rather than 3, resulting in excellent leftover lunches. He's decided it is OK for me to make the salad dressing, or bake - so there have been a few contributions in those areas, but nothing of real note.

I've also spent a great deal of time apartment hunting. Matt & I have an admittedly low budget, but I refuse to live somewhere with a disgusting, dark, galley style kitchen. This is proving a real challenge. I hold out hope however.

Judes, I hope your excuse is a whirlwind summer romance or vacation or new work, or just a well deserved break. Miss you, and much love.


P.S. I was permitted a hand in Father's Day menu planning - here's what we ate:
Dr. Pepper Ribs (We substituted Sky natural soda, Dr. Becker, because you can't get Dublin Dr. Peppers out here).
Grilled Potato Salad
Mixed green salad with toasted pecans, blueberries and a maple mustard vinagrette
Grandma's all real strawberry pie (recipe forthcoming - should she reveal her secrets!)


  1. K-dogg!

    My god it's nice to read your words. I have some of my own that are coming.

    Lovely all-consuming romance is my excuse. What a thrill. How long it's been since I have tasted such sweet delicious love!

  2. Oh yes. And I definitely have been cooking. But I haven't been writing. I need to start writing again... some autonomy has been lost. All that alone time as been lost, thank goodness, but the individual projects have suffered... all for the better I think.


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