Crumbs 3

FIRST, I love spring. And salad greens.
Jealous? I thought so. This green lovely came from the Pietch's Farm, and was also pureed up with some shallots, garlic, butter, oil and salt for a hearty spinach pesto, which is sustaining the freezer quite nicely. We've used it on sandwiches, in quinoa, and on pasta. I plan on making some more before the season is out in an effort to stretch out our affordable, sustainable, vegetable eating.

NEXT, the best greasy spoon in Mankato is the Wagon Wheel. Honestly, the food is average - but the atmosphere is unbeatable. I spent an hour there this morning listening to the locals harass the waitresses and appreciating the straight forwardness of a small town. Incredibly pleasant and down home. The walls are plastered with sports memorabilia, and their short order cook has a rat tail. And you can get a full breakfast for under $4. If that's not a perfect a morning I don't know what is.

LASTLY, we are headed to Texas for a week, which I am extremely pleased about. I look forward to beef, Monument Chocolate Pie, warm nights, and Southern company.

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  1. Sandwiches are beautiful, sandwiches are fine, I love sandwiches, I could eat them all the time.....

    And I'm jealous of the Texas trip! I was going to say I'm also jealous of American greasy spoons (which I am a little bit) but here in Montreal, we have these foreign places, like the polish place down the road where you can get a big bowl of soup for 2 bucks. So I guess, we're both doing alright.

    Have fun!


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