Thought Hash #3

Here she is, the lovely city I live in, seen from the top of Mount Royal.

Summer's here. It's still morning and I'm not sure what to do today. Maybe I'll put on the dress my sister made me, the v-necked brown one with deep turquoise pockets and straps that cross at the back, and go have a coffee....

I sleepily ate a bowl of steel-cut oats topped with left-over rhubarb crisp and yogurt, sipped green tea, and read a few of the new food blogs I've just discovered. Check out an endless banquet for foodie info in Montreal, The traveler's lunchbox for great photos, great writing, great recipes and a food guide to our planet, My madeline for an amazing story about losing smell, regaining it and still loving food through it all, and Mattbites for laughs, pizzaz, and general hysteria over the joy of eating.

I don't usually encourage the spilling of emotional states on blogs, I find it tedious, but I have to just say that sometimes it overwhelms me, all of this. I'm in awe of the food network on the internet, of the opportunities there are to write and be read, of the possible friendships.... Having a way to reconnect with Kelsey is such a gift and takes the sad bite out of not being able to run over on a whim to her house for something delicious. And I wonder how far will I take this? There is no way to know or to decide right now at this very instant. All I know is that I have to continue fueling the food-obsessed fire; all I want to do is devour any bit of information I can get my hands on and write about it. Without even realizing it, I've become a writer, there is nothing I do that doesn't involve writing or creating. What a gift. What a life!

So today will be yes, and some translation work, and bean brownies...........and then, I will sing, and then, I will go sell expensive outdoor clothing.


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  1. Hallelujah for black bean brownies. You amaze me every day.
    love love
    the little one


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