Opperation Bake Sale

My Graduate Student Club (for lack of a better term) decided to a bake sale to raise money for our travel costs. At the bottom of the totem pole you MUST GO TO CONFERENCES OR YOU'LL NEVER GET A JOB (it sounds just like that), but there is no departmental money to pay for it and you make next to nothing, thus, bake sale.

Many of my less food inclined colleagues decided to give me money so that I could bake on thier behalf - something I of course was delighted to do. So for the next two days my Kitchen is going to turn into a bakery extraordinare, but right now I am roasting pork. Then bake.

Here is the game plan:
2 batches chocolate chip cookies
2 batches snicker doodles
Puffed Rice Treats (no oven!)
"Window" Cookies
Date Bars
Jars filled with homemade hot cocoa mix
Cardamom Rolls
Foccacia Bread



  1. I of course am super enthusiastic about the whole project.

    Where are you going?

    Wish I could be there in the kitchen with you, probably farting around a lot more than you, eating more too, and causing general hilarity.

  2. Homemade hot cocoa mix...that is brilliant! Also brilliant to pay you to do all the baking.

  3. CHICAGO. I am going to New York for American thanksgiving though if you need an excuse to travel. :)


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