Thanks for the Cookies

Someone brought cookies to my house last night! Thank you Kelsey, your recipe rules!

They would have, of course, been totally gourmet if I had used 72 % Valrona chips, or whatever it is that everyone is always announcing we HAVE to put into our cookies, but you know, it was nice to use Hershy's milk chocolate Chipits - they were perfect.

All of you, I recommend you stop what you're doing, buy some chocolate chips - of whatever "grade" you feel is necessary - make these very classic, very delicious and very soul-soothing cookies. They certainly pulled me out of my worry and stress over assignments. I putzed around the kitchen, turned on Sarah Vaughan, used way too many bowls, dumped flour everywhere and had a pretty nice time.

- murph

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    Also, I love cheap chocolate. But today I helped in Sunday school, and we taught the kids about Fair Trade chocolate, and I learned things about chocolate production that I would rather not have known because now I feel morally obligated to spend more money on that particular food stuff.

    And with Halloween just around the corner, I don't know how I'll afford the handout.

    Buh, having a conscience and living under capitalism.


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