Dear Kelsey,

I'm only eating salads and pad thai. They're delicious, however. Well, I also made stollen. And dyed eggs for easter. But I'm uninspired to write. And a little uninspired to cook.

I'm also questioning my writing because of this techniques class I took. Apparently, everything I knew about punctuation and sentence combining was wrong. Well, not wrong, but not right either. I also don't know what I want to write about. I'm tired of writing about lunch with jude in the living room. Or love. Or myself.

I think I will start cooking more though. I want to eat furiously fast dishes with huge tastes. Like pad thai! (Thank you Matthew Amster-Burton.) Light dishes too. Things that go down easily, digest easily, come out easily... ha!

Also, cooking has become a very solitary thing. Everyone always said to me before: don't you get tired of cooking for yourself? I would reply, No! I love cooking for myself. Plus, there's the blog... I was very adamant that the "I'm-tired-of-cooking-for-myself-syndrome" wouldn't happen to me. But, what d'you know, I'm tired of cooking for myself. Looks like I need a new cooking buddy. Where are you hiding friend! You'll be: Preferably male. Preferably smart. Preferably Eccentric, Artistic, and Weird. Preferably hilarious. Preferably good in bed... ha!

Then, if I start cooking, maybe I'll start writing.

Thinking of you and Tarte Tatin, and love, of course (!)

- Jude


  1. Ah Friend. Ambiguity and stasis - the two most prevalent and difficult of human conditions. What we've been eating lately is CURRY. And it is easy and wonderful, and makes for fabulous leftovers. I don't know what your belly thinks of it, but I will post something substantial soon.



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