Finding our Veggies

Yes, I recognize that Jamie Oliver is all the rage at the moment, what with a Television program and a revolution and all, but I cannot help but continue to gush about him/his book/his mission.

As a long time Jamie Oliver Fan (that British accent and chucking around of frozen TV dinners pretty much sold me at 12) Matt got me his Food Revolution book in December for Christmas. We both have been working our way through it. I will admit we are adept cooks - but I have to say the recipes are not only straightforward, but delicious (something I've always appreciated about Oliver). Our evening meals and subsequent leftovers have since been elevated to include vegetables (!), spices (!), fancy cheese(!), etc. without breaking our pocket books.

WHAT? Haven't I spent over a year complaining that we CAN'T eat like this because it is to expensive? Turns out, I maybe wasn't looking in the right places. Jamie's food revolution book has turned me on to the veg and nutrition I was over looking, and it is stuff we can afford - snow peas, ginger root, lemons -- all of these elements feel wonderful to be eating and creating with and cannot be more grateful of the reminder and the kick and the pants to eat more than creamy pasta dishes. AND Matt is on board too (an even larger feat).

I made salmon en croute (for two!) last week - and although Matt got made fun of for having "fancy food" leftovers the next day at work - this was actually a remarkably easy and satisfying dinner. The only frustration/concern I have is that the quality of our salmon was lame. It was the evil Frozen-from-God-knows-where. Unfortunately the delicious, sustainable meats are still a bit beyond our reach (but big hooray for Basil).

Salmon en Croute pour deux (a la Jamie Oliver)
What you need:
1/2 lbs. salmon fillets, no bones no skins
1 tomato
Basil Leaves
Olive Tapanade (check out TJ Maxx - they have this kind of thing for CHEAP!)
1/4 lbs. mozzarella cheese (Buffalo! Buffalo! Try for the Buffalo!)
1 sheet puff pastry (Frozen sections)
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil
1 egg

What You Do:
Thaw 1 sheet of puff pastry (and fish if you are using Evil frozen like me).
Prepare salmon by rubbing in a good dribble of olive oil and salt and pepper.
Find a baking sheet with a bit of a lip.
Slice tomato, wash and pick basil leaves from stalk.
Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
Flour counter surface and spread out sheet of puff pastry. Roll out thin until the same shape and size as desired baking sheet. Place rolled puff pastry on baking sheet.
Arrange salmon on the center of prepared puff pastry. Spread a few healthy spoonfuls of tapanade on salmon. Arrange basil leaves across the top, covering fillet and tapande. Then arrange slices of tomato down the center. Crumble or shred mozzarella and sprinkle on top. Add a dash of olive oil, salt and pepper over the whole shebang.
Fold and curl puff pastry around the salmon fillet and toppings, trapping everything inside.
Crimp the edges and brush puff pastry with slightly beaten egg to seal edges.
Place in oven, bake until puff pastry is COMPLETELY puffed (bottom too! watch it, be patient, whisper sweet nothings in its ear).
Remove, cut, enjoy. Repeat for lunch next day and daze your coworkers.

(Reason number 1,543 to engage in Oliver recipes: They almost always come out looking as good as the pictures, unlike the evil Texas pastry lady who shall remained unnamed.)

P.S. Here are some other people doing really cool things with the Food Revolution Book/Concept:

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  1. Oh My Gosh!! This looks simply marvelous!!! I have got to get this book and do this with you!!!! I cannot believe that I have been in this kitchen, I know this stove and this counter!!!! Been here!! And I trust your opinions!!! I have been leery of the puff pastry thing, but this looks good. Nix, Great!!

  2. What great news Kelsey! Jamie is king. What he's done for food in both our families and in the world is marvelous. And I'm so excited that you're discovering ways to eat things like ginger root and lemons and be within your budge. I'm discovered Judith Jones "The pleasure of cooking for one" and it's changing my life. More on that soon. The writer's block has ended!


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